We’re very excited to have our first guest post written by Blake Spears; a yogi, vegan travel blogger & content creator from Ontario. We’ve partnered up to offer our community of unconventional creatives a fresh perspective on a very relatable topic right now in self isolation – feeling uninspired. It might be writer’s block due to anxiety, or an inability to work with others the way we are used to. Blake offers some insights as to how we can pull ourselves back into the zone.

What do you crave when you wake up? Do you crave love, creativity, motivation, passion, success? Inspiration is the fuel that makes everything in life so exciting. Due to recent events, the news has taken a lot of excitement out of the days. Sometimes it’s tough to face difficult realities and still search for gratitude. I hope this post gives you some insight on what to do to gain inspiration and that spark to move forward and achieve greatness.

Hello! I’m Blake from yogablake.com. When you’re feeling uninspired, maybe it’s time to take a break and to realign with why you started. Give yourself the gift of time to come back into alignment with why and how you got here in the first place. Remember what motivated you to start that project, relationship, or business! Take a look at the path you’ve followed – with all your eagerness and passion.

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