Who are the Unconventional Creatives?

What makes a discipline “creative”? Are people born creative, or is creativity a learned skill? What makes an artist tick? How do you take a creative skill and turn it into a successful career?

These are the questions we aim to explore in our social project #UnconventionalCreatives. We at Tablö Creative have always been drawn to alternative culture, non-conformists, and unorthodox career paths. Growing up, we were very much the “outcasts” in our high school, always standing out from the crowd and often got ridiculed by our peers for being “different”. After coming into our own and going through the early adult stage of self-exploration, we’ve come to wear our unconventionality as a badge of honour. This project aims to celebrate that transformation and owning what sets you apart.

Going beyond what is typically envisioned when the title “creative” is used, we open the discussion to all sorts of industries and schools of thought, all ages and walks of life. From Photographers & Models, Musicians & Producers, Cinematographers & Story Tellers, Designers & Artisans, to disciplines that are traditionally less associated with “creativity”; civil servants, community organizers, engineers, journalists, environmental specialists, educators, philosophers, urban farmers – anyone who finds a problem or need, while being determined to come up with a solution.

Our project’s goal is to conduct interviews to facilitate dialogue and much-needed discourse around sometimes taboo topics in an honest and authentic way; How do you make a comfortable living? How do you overcome failure? How do you motivate yourself to keep going when you feel burnt out or uninspired? How do you know when it’s time to make a change? We’ll ask the hard questions for you as we embark on our journey of exploration together.

What does Unconventional Creativity mean to you? We’d love to hear from your perspective!

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Tablö Unconventional Creatives is a Toronto based full-service agency. We take a strategic and personalized approach to telling your brand’s story, offering a range of services from digital marketingbrandingcontent creationweb development and sustainability consultation. We’re all about using our creativity to solve your unique business challenges and reach your goals.

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