The Value of Investing in Digital Marketing

An article by Tablö Creative

Written by Sandra Rizkalla

Social media is the most widely accessible form of marketing with close to 4 billion users across the world as of 2019. Social platforms allow businesses to connect with and engage customers and drive sales. It can be used as a tool to help you tailor your marketing efforts, and precisely target the users you wish to communicate with.

If you’re considering social media marketing, but are unsure if investing in digital marketing services is right for you, keep reading to learn more about how you can track a real return on your investment.

In order to use social media marketing as effectively as possible, one must take the time to learn about the different tools, functionality, and how to use analytics data to learn more about their audience. In addition, a business should publish valuable, creative, and unique content consistently to get their audience’s attention. The social media marketing process can be time consuming for a business owner, but the returns on the time investment could be substantial if executed correctly!

Traditional marketing allows an advertiser to communicate their message to an audience, social media marketing opens the door for a 2-way street between your business and your community.

Design a Digital Marketing Strategy with Intention

During the strategic planning process, we want to ensure your social media campaigns are aligned with your branding, marketing message and business objectives. Grab a cup of tea, sit down with your team and identify the results you wish to drive through your campaign. Whether it is driving traffic to your website, growing your online community, promoting new offerings, or learning more about your market’s needs, and how to better serve them.

Driving engagement

While traditional marketing allows an advertiser to communicate their message to an audience, social media marketing opens the door for a 2-way street between your business and your community. This will help you learn more about their audience, build relationships, define their needs and identify how you can best service them. The connection that is built with your community will have an impact on your business’s positioning and credibility against competitors. Engagement is about more than consistently posting quality content!

You’ve heard of the dreaded algorithm, but may be unclear about how it works. Just remember, engagement is ultimately about interaction. If your posts have high engagement through comments, likes, shares, and views, they will naturally rank higher in your followers’ Instagram feeds.

Before posting, consider how you want your followers to take action. Include a call-to-action on your posts, just like you would on a landing page of your website. Even something as simple as “Double tap if you feel the same”, or asking a question that elicits comment responses. The amount of time people spend viewing your posts also factors into the algorithm.

So if you have an engaging caption that draws people in, you’re increasing the likelihood that your post will be seen by your followers.

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Identifying your audience

Another great advantage of digital marketing is that it allows you to target your audience with precision. Social media platforms offer you tools to help you identify your audience based on demographics, pinpoint the source of traffic, quantify conversions and engagement, and more. 

Legitimize your business and build trust with potential clients

Developing partnerships with other entrepreneurs or local businesses is a great way to mutually benefit and help you promote new products or services. This is social marketing after all! These alliances will help you build authority in your industry, both online and offline. If you’re not sure who to partner with, use audience targeting tools to see what local businesses on Instagram or Facebook have common followers with your business. To do this the manual way, you can follow a hashtag that speaks to your audience to find other companies who have similar values.

Ready to invest in digital marketing services?

Being on top of social media marketing while running business operations can be a demanding job for most. Investing in digital marketing services can help take the weight off, allowing you to  focus on other areas that require your attention. To hire the right digital marketing agency, you must ensure that they understand your overall branding, unique objectives, share similar values, and genuinely believe in what you do. Most importantly, they must provide professional, creative and attractive content to engage your audience.

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