Station Cold Brew Coffee Co.

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Written by Sandra Rizkalla

Insights on Entrepreneurship

We had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Ballantyne, founder of Station Cold Brew Coffee Co., who combine responsibly sourced ingredients and craft beer technology to create a magically delicious beverage. Steve helped us gain valuable insight on what to expect while embarking on the entrepreneurship journey as an unconventional creative. During our discussion, we focused on important topics like trusting the process, amplifying authenticity through branding, building connections and visualizing the future.

Trust the process

Entrepreneurship is a journey, and should be approached like one. Success happens when opportunity meets preparation, and every mistake is a lesson learned. When asked about a valuable lesson he’d like to share, Steve explained, "I see everything as a spectrum; nothing is black & white”. If your ideas and intentions are there, but the time isn’t right, the opportunity may fall through. The truth is, even if you had one big success, there were many little moments that needed to happen to lead up to that. The road will have its ups and downs, but trust the process of the endeavor.

Whatever their craft may be, everybody has a "station". It could be a desk, autoshop, cafe, studio, your home.

Amplify authenticity through branding

“As you’re going through this beautiful process, find those elements of yourself that are authentic and amplify them through your branding” Steve explained. Your brand should be an authentic representation of your mission, values and beliefs. That energy can be polarizing – it will resonate with and attract the right people who are the right fit for your brand.

Acquiring clients by building connections

In the beginning stages of the entrepreneurship journey, one of the most common challenges faced is acquiring solid partnerships. A good place to start looking is within communities that share similar passions and interests. The individuals would be more likely to show interest in what your business has to offer if you share the same values. This builds a foundation of connectivity between your brand and its target market.

Keep going...

The Station brand is built on meeting people where they work everyday. Steve explains, “Whatever their craft may be, everybody has a station. It could be a desk, autoshop, cafe, your home.” It’s clear he’s invested in forming a connection with his customers and meeting them where they’re at. He started with communities he’s involved in, like crossfit & yoga, which lead to being offered at music festivals like WayHome. This method connects your business with people who resonate with and support your offerings.

Visions of a future

Holding a clear vision of what to expect in your brand’s future paves the direction of your next steps. But regardless of your plans, the beauty of the entrepreneurship process is that it’s ever evolving and never the same. Be proactive by consistently evaluating and refining your operations. Keep an open mind by asking your connections for advice and constructive feedback. With your long-term plans in the forefront, start having courageous conversations with your team about where the industry is heading and how you can innovate to find solutions to tough challenges.

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