Insights on Entrepreneurship

We had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Ballantyne, founder of Station Cold Brew Coffee Co., who combine responsibly sourced ingredients and craft beer technology to create a magically delicious beverage. Steve helped us gain valuable insight on what to expect while embarking on the entrepreneurship journey as an unconventional creative. During our discussion, we focused on important topics like trusting the process, amplifying authenticity through branding, building connections and visualizing the future.

Trust the process

Entrepreneurship is a journey, and should be approached like one. Success happens when opportunity meets preparation, and every mistake is a lesson learned. When asked about a valuable lesson he’d like to share, Steve explained, “I see everything as a spectrum; nothing is black & white”. If your ideas and intentions are there, but the time isn’t right, the opportunity may fall through. The truth is, even if you had one big success, there were many little moments that needed to happen to lead up to that. The road will have its ups and downs, but trust the process of the endeavor.

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