Refuse to Obey – Designed to Empower

To kick-off 2020 we interviewed the ever so talented and empowering female creator behind the Refuse to Obey fashion brand, Nat Mazzilli. Her one-of-kind garments are best described as “leatherwear for empowering women”. During our discussion we learned about her journey to becoming a designer, the evolution of the Refuse to Obey brand, where she draws inspiration, and her creative process.

How It All Began

It all started at a very young age when Nat began sketching and sewing designs with her grandmother who was a seamstress. They would hand tailor young Nat’s outfits for every occasion. The idea of fabricating clothes based on her own personal vision intrigued the young creator. The process of bringing a design from a simple sketch to fruition planted a seed which would later evolve into a career in the fashion industry. Her personal style would evolve over the years. Though one thing remained the same; the rebellious appeal behind her personal style.

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