Organize Your Online Business

Remember that “back to school” feeling, when you’re really motivated to write in your agenda everyday? Starting with a clean slate is an exciting opportunity. Forming new habits can be challenging, but it’s crucial when starting a new business to lay a solid foundation of good habits at the beginning that will stick with you throughout your career. These tips will help you feel less stressed, work faster and more efficiently with others.

Needle in a Haystack: Folder Structure

You can use subscription based Cloud Storage with a service like Dropbox or Google One if you have a team of 2 or more, and want to work collaboratively on design or video files. This folder structure will still apply if you’re a solo entrepreneur saving all your files in one place. Pro-tip: If you’re storing your files directly on your computer, be sure to regularly save back-ups on an external hard drive!

One folder to rule them all

If you have other side hustles or contract work, you can further organize your Work folder accordingly. We have a Tablö folder that contains everything we need to run our business. From there, we break it down like this:

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