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Written by Sandra Rizkalla

Neoteny Apparel

“Personal style and individuality are worth a billion times more than fashion ideals forced upon you,” says Lex Brown, founder of Neoteny Apparel. The label takes an unconventional route with sustainable production and unique personal style - bridging the gap between how current clothing is marketed based on gender. The designer offers artisan craftsmanship with a high level of precision.

Designed with intention

Eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable fashion is finally on the industry's agenda - but for Neoteny Apparel, this has been a strong commitment since the label was conceived in 2016. Lex explains;

"I value freedom of creativity and mindfulness in all aspects of life. Clothing should be chosen with purpose and based on personal aesthetic. True style comes from within."

Designing with an ethical point of view by sourcing sustainable fabric and using up-cycled materials throughout the collections, everything down to packaging is kept minimal, upcycled, recycled, or innovative (including her seed paper hang tags). There is no such thing as cutting corners for Neoteny Apparel; from concept to creation, sustainability is considered. 

Not a trendy fashion statement – it’s a lifestyle

When thought goes into every aspect of your life, it’s reflected and  contributes to your overall aesthetic. Through introducing the Neoteny Lifestyle brand, the label promotes a low waste, conscious, creative, and mindfulness in our increasingly  fast paced way of life. Being mindful starts by asking yourself; “What are things made of? How are they made? How long will this last?”

Committed to finding sustainable solutions and alternatives, Lex is constantly working on new projects to find innovative alternatives. The lifestyle products of the Neoteny line includes: reusable military grad mesh produce bags, bulk food bags, snack pockets, and upcycled scrunchies. By accommodating a greener lifestyle, people are encouraged to think twice about the things they consume – not only in fashion, but also in their daily lives.

Keep going...

The future is green

Known for her vigorous dedication to breaking current fast-fashion norms, Lex Brown has become a strong advocate for sustainability within the fashion industry. Embodying an innovative and unconventionally creative perspective through the Neotney Apparel label, the clothing styles will adapt as her surroundings evolve. One thing that will always remain is their commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability.

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