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Sustainability has been one of the core values of Tablö Creative from our inception in 2019. From the printing of our very first flyers on FSC certified paper, to the clients we choose to work with, businesses who aligned with our values started gravitating towards us organically.

In the marketing world we so often see the manufacturing of desire, planned obsolescence, and strategies to generate huge volumes of sales for cheaply made products. We knew this was not the kind of marketing agency we wanted to be, and that belief resonates throughout our community. Even before the disruptive effects of COVID-19, we’ve been asking ourselves how we can make incremental lifestyle changes to rethink the way we eat, work, play and live in a harmonious relationship with the earth. Earth Day is an opportunity to give recognition to those who work diligently all year round towards this goal.

We want to highlight some of our amazing partners, and other businesses that we see making huge strides towards a more sustainable and mindful future.

Alternative Thinking

What started out as a book store in 2010 eventually grew to be recognized as a central hub for the alternative community in Toronto. Alternative Thinking takes a holistic approach to all aspects of life, providing customers with the tools to consider new ways of thinking, and empowers them to make their own lifestyle choices. This ranges from books to inform, nutrients and food to eat, and eco-ware for the home.

Alternity, their plant based cafe & Elixir Bar, is committed to reducing waste. All single-use materials are biodegradable from Greenshift, but with a belief that the best option is to be zero-waste, they encourage guests to bring their own containers. For every 7 cups and 5 bowls saved, a tree is planted with the One Tree Planted initiative.

Get 10% off your entire order by using the promo code “WEB2HOME”!

Neoteny Apparel

With a focus on sustainable production since its inception in 2016 as a fashion brand, Neoteny asked how areas of everyday lifestyles that depend on plastic the most could be tackled with a similar mentality. “We found that the most single-use plastics are used when transporting things. Carry things around has become such a casual use for plastic in our society.”

The solution? Reusable bags for produce, bulk food, snacks & shopping made of lightweight and breathable mesh, upcycled military material, demin & water resistant fabrics. Built to last, these products are durable and washable.

On Earth Day, all of their Eco-Accessories will be 30% off!


Exceptional quality socks with sustainable production is what defines this brand. They create an exceptionally designed sock, knit with the finest quality fibres for the most comfortable fit to keep your feet & the earth happy, while upholding a commitment to minimizing waste.

fütz is helping shape the evolution of the textile industry with their Recycled program. Did you know that North Americans send 10.5 million tons of material to disposal every year? 95% of that can be reused or recycled. Send fütz your old socks, and they’ll ensure that they are reused, recycled or even upcycled responsibly and efficiently.  Email them at recycled@fützsocks.com to receive a shipping label and 10% off your next order!


We’ve been thinking about the increase in demand for online shopping and deliveries while people are self-isolating. Being unavoidable, we wanted to know what solutions already exist to make our deliveries more environmentally responsible. noissue offers a great alternative to plastic poly mailer bags, made of bio based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as corn and wheat straw! They’re durable and waterproof.

Be the Change

Who is keeping you inspired and hopeful this earth day? We’d love to hear about it! Tweet to us @tablocreative and use the hashtag #unconventionalcreatives to spread the love!

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