A Slice of Paradise in Downtown Toronto.

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with one sip of Veggie Crush Co.’s freshly pressed delights. The shop offers the fast paced city of Toronto a unique tropically inspired experience. Serving prepared-to-order menu items often seen exclusively on  the other side of the world. Here people can slow down, enjoy the moment and fuel their bodies with all the feel-good ingredients they have to offer.

Being an adventurer, traveler and thrill seeker, CEO and Co-founder James Ferrier left his hometown in Ontario to spend the last 6 years traveling and chasing waves. His surf trip to  Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Hawaii sparked a whole new lifestyle inspiration which he brought to Toronto as the Veggie Crush Co. brand. James’s friendly spirit and welcoming energy is reflected in every element of his business. When asked how he manages to attract and build relationships with the locals who stop by to greet him and know him by name, he explained: “I’m a big believer that people make the place and set the tone for the guest experience.”

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