Veggie Crush Co.

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Written by Sandra Rizkalla

A Slice of Paradise in Downtown Toronto.

Transport your taste buds to the tropics with one sip of Veggie Crush Co.’s freshly pressed delights. The shop offers the fast paced city of Toronto a unique tropically inspired experience. Serving prepared-to-order menu items often seen exclusively on  the other side of the world. Here people can slow down, enjoy the moment and fuel their bodies with all the feel-good ingredients they have to offer.

Being an adventurer, traveler and thrill seeker, CEO and Co-founder James Ferrier left his hometown in Ontario to spend the last 6 years traveling and chasing waves. His surf trip to  Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Hawaii sparked a whole new lifestyle inspiration which he brought to Toronto as the Veggie Crush Co. brand. James’s friendly spirit and welcoming energy is reflected in every element of his business. When asked how he manages to attract and build relationships with the locals who stop by to greet him and know him by name, he explained: "I’m a big believer that people make the place and set the tone for the guest experience."

"I like to keep things fun, share a laugh, and relate to customers on whatever happens to be going on in their day. Hopefully they leave in a lighter/happier mood then they did coming in."

The shop’s interior decor gives off an endless summer feel and is inspired by the New Zealand and Australian surf culture. Complete with indie rock music from Southern Hemisphere, plush monkeys swinging from plant covered walls, and an array of skateboards mounted on wooden stairs that lead to a cozy lounge. The space is perfect for guests to study, relax or hold meetings. It even includes a large projector screen, and a communal guitar for people to hangout and enjoy each other’s company.

Indonesia is a big source of inspiration for the recipes, fresh ingredients, and beautiful presentation of the Veggie Crush Co. menu items. Being a third world country, local businesses primarily rely on locally harvested seasonal ingredients. James shares his favorite hearty and Indonesian inspired hospitality experience through “Crush Cups”; the Veggie Crush Co. signature smoothies bowls. “I had my first avocado smoothie which inspired the ‘Avo Loco’ that’s on our menu, which has definitely been one of the most popular items”, James shared.

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Packed with delicious tasting fresh ingredients presented in a fun way to enjoy, capture and share with your friends on social media.

As an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand, Veggie Crush Co. aims to contribute as little as possible to the waste epidemic by promoting low footprint alternatives for the way we consume. They pay attention to details, such as using solar powered coolers, reusable bags for deliveries, offering paper straws, and even featuring a cool “bike blender” which you pedal to blend your smoothie before your eyes. They also offer “bring your own” incentives for customers who bring reusable cups or bowls.

With fall in full effect and winter around the corner; treat yourself to a local getaway and visit Veggie Crush Co. Toronto’s tropically inspired experience, located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 186 Spadina Ave.

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