Creative Ways to Produce Content in Quarantine

An article by Tablö Creative

Written by Stacie DaPonte

How do you keep your social media engagement thriving during COVID-19?

You probably already know about the importance of posting creative, and unique content for your social media platforms consistently to grab and maintain your audience’s attention. It's no secret that during this time of self-isolation across the globe, people are spending more time on social media than ever. In fact, Facebook and Instagram have seen a 40% increase in usage, and the use on Instagram Live and Facebook Live has doubled in the past week alone [source].

You may have been forced to put the breaks on your business, but now is not the time to put the breaks on engaging your community who still have an appetite for inspiration, information, entertainment and good vibes. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your relationship with your audience and increase brand awareness.

If you were working with an agency or freelancers to produce content, but can no longer do so due to social distancing or restricted budgets, there are other options!



Go Through the Archives

Now would be a good time to go through old photos and videos that you haven’t already shared with your audience. Nostalgia is a powerful chord to strike at this time, especially photos of gatherings and social events with people getting together.

Typically, if you’ve worked with a photographer or videographer in the past, they sent you around 10-20 assets. Chances are they have some gems in the archives that they could share with you, so don’t be afraid to reach out to whomever you’ve worked with in the past and ask if they are willing to share more content with you from past shoots at a discounted rate.

Stock Photography

Once you’ve exhausted unique branded assets, you can lean on Stock Photography to compliment the messaging in your posts. There are many paid Stock services available, but are some completely free and don’t compromise on quality! We love because they combine assets from many free stock photography websites like Unsplash and Pexels all into one convenient location.

Stock Video

Video is a great way to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Pexels has an amazing selection of free video assets that can be used on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or even on your website. They don’t require any editing if you don’t have access to editing software, but if you have the luxury of time and some curiosity, you can mash some clips together and overlay text to share your message in a creative way.

Animated motion graphics are gaining popularity on social media platforms, especially in Instagram stories. has a great blog post that shows you 11 apps you can use on your phone to make your own animated Instagram stories. One that we love to use ourselves is so feature rich and helpful during times like these, it deserves a deeper dive.

Keep going...

Do-it-yourself Graphic Design

We’re not suggesting that you’ll be able to replace your graphic designer anytime soon, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so we’re all learning how to DIY (anyone else looking up videos on how to replace a car tire?). Canva makes it a breeze to bring your ideas to life. You can create Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos, business cards, stickers and more! Creating an account is free, and grants you access to a huge array of free fonts, graphics, illustrations, stock photos and templates (with an option to upgrade to unlock some additional features). Simply drag and drop elements, customize text, change your brand colours and voila! Whether you want to experiment for hours, or get in and out quickly, Canva is easy to use on your phone thorough their mobile app or on a laptop/desktop computer through their website.

We’ll be sharing more marketing and content creation tips through our newsletter, and on our social channels at @tablocreative. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and stay home!

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