A Mindset Shift in the Travel and Tourism Industry

With the ever growing popularity of the travel and tourism lifestyle, so has the impact on economies, the environment, and local communities. Destination management organizations (DMO) around the world are starting to shift to ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of their approach to guiding tourism policy, while protecting the well-being of local communities.

The role of destination management organizations is to facilitate the understanding of the full social and economic dimension of tourism. This includes monitoring the supply and demand of local businesses servicing the tourism industry, quantifying their production and consumption, while auditing the capital generated. The organizations also function as a liaison between the government, businesses and local communities providing the support required.

Like many other popular travel destinations, plastic pollution has been a rising issue for bedouins in Dahab. There are very few eco-friendly alternatives available for locals, which are mainly sourced from the city of Cairo. The community is constantly working towards implementing sustainable practices in local shops, restaurants and hotels. Businesses hire Bedouin children for cleanups, building marine gardens and up-cycling waste into art. Nadine explains:

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