Kaya Bloom
A unique Ecolodge & Glamping experience in the tropical jungle of Costa Rica. The vision was birthed from a love for nature, sustainability, community, and holistic well-being.
Bohten Eyewear
Bôhten offers state-of-the-art African inspired eyewear that is engineered to optimize the viewing experience while adding an effortless luxury to your gaze.
IndustrySustainable Eyewear
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Connecting a diverse tribe of alternative thinkers empowering your wellness and a global evolution.
IndustryHolistic Wellness
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Neoteny Apparel
Innovative alternatives to lifestyle products and apparel. Genderless & timeless.
IndustrySustainable Fashion & Lifestyle
futz socks
fütz socks is a Canadian company that fabricates its products with the highest quality sustainable fibers like organic long-staple cotton, bamboo rayon, Italian cashmere, and upcycled fiber blend.
IndustrySustainable Fashion
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